The Berlin Historical Society will be open by appointment, please call Norbert Rhinerson at 802-433-1029 or email at or Post Office Mailing Address: 108 Shed Road  Berlin, VT 05602

The purpose of the Berlin Historical Society is well stated in the first article of its constitution which says: “The purpose of the Society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of Berlin, Vermont.  Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life, gives us a better understanding of our state and union, and promotes a better appreciation of our American Heritage.”

The Berlin Historical Society was founded at a meeting on April 15, 1982 and we have been meeting continually since that date.  Our meetings are generally held on the 4th Tuesday of most every month at the Berlin Town Hall.  We now have permanent space in the newly renovated town hall as well as additional space for a display case.  Our private entrance with our name on the door is next to the town halls main entrance.

Our work consists of collecting and cataloguing newly donated material and developing databases of Town Records.  A partial description of our growing collection would include information on Berlin families, cemeteries, schools, churches, births, deaths, marriages, various Berlin related stories and histories, as well as a general file for all other Berlin related subjects.  We are always searching for new material related to Berlin.  If you have any such material that you are willing to share please contact us.  We have the ability to scan or copy it at our office.

We have not established regular hours but will make appointments for anyone interested in viewing any of our collection. Call or e-mail any of the officers listed on this web page. 

The Society has published two books, one entitled “A Place to Pass Through: Berlin, Vermont 1820-1991” and the other “The Story of a Small Airport in Berlin, Vermont” which are  in addition to an earlier book authored by Mary Greene Nye “Early History of Berlin, Vermont 1763-1820.” Copies of the 1991 and the 2012 books are available for sale at the Town Hall.

The public is invited to all of our meetings and with few exceptions they are in the Town Offices.. These meetings are announced on the web page and are generally the third Wednesday of each month. If you are interested in joining our organization and/or receiving e-mail notification of meetings, contact any of our officers.   Membership Dues are $10 per year.  Berlin Historical Society Membership Application