Motor Vehicle Enforcement   
I would like to touch briefly on the purpose of highway enforcement patrols and the issuance of uniform traffic complaints (Ticket). It is imperative that we continue to patrol and enforce motor vehicle laws enacted by both the state legislature and of our own select board. The laws written aid in the attempt to regulate motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic providing a safe means of transportation in our community.

Obey Traffic Laws

When you disobey traffic laws, you are endangering yourself, as well as other motorist, passengers and pedestrians. The reason the police department enforces traffic regulations is that it assists in the reduction of traffic crashes, and the reduction of accidents resulting in injuries and death.

It is up to all of us to be responsible and safe operators of motor vehicles. Driving safely sets a good example for others, especially young operators.

Remember, traffic crashes and traffic tickets can increase your insurance rates and drive up costs for all vehicle owners, drivers and operators.

Exercise courtesy on the road, stay within speed limits, wear your seat belt, use child safety seats correctly and don’t drink and drive.

Highway Safety Message Photo

Traffic Crashes
During 2002 the police department investigated 333 motor vehicle crashes with one resulting in a fatality. Additional crashes are reported as LSA (Leaving the scene of an accident), 2002’s total is 335. The police department has been able to reduce the injury reported crashes from 56 in 1995 to 43 in 2001 to this year’s total of 10 accidents with injuries. I attribute a measure of this success is the result of proactive law enforcement mapping and deployment.

Highway Safety Programs
Additionally, we have been active participants in area sponsored programs such as: “Click it or Ticket” (seatbelt usage), Holiday DUI Campaign (July, September, November and December), Community Awareness Days (At Berlin Elementary School and the Berlin Mall), School Bus Safe-ride Program and the use of the “Traffic Cart” (radar speed trailer). On a daily basis our officers patrol our streets on various details with an ever vigilant proactive approach to highway safety.