The Dog River Natural Area adjacent to the Riverton Fire Station where Crosstown Road intersects Route 12 in Berlin offers a picnic table, and park bench overlooking the Dog River.  Here you can access a couple of small swimming holes or try your hand at fishing for natural trout.  

It’s also a good place to put in a kayak for a couple mile paddle down river to Montpelier’s Dog Dog River Natural Area 2River Recreation Area on Dog River Road.  

In 1997 the Berlin Conservation Commission purchased, through donations and grants, 17 acres of land with 4000 feet of river frontage on the Dog River in the community of Riverton. The Dog River is one of Vermont’s premier native trout streams attracting fishermen and recreationists alike. Parking is available to the west of the Riverton Fire Station and a park bench and picnic table overlooking the river are available for your use. The trail that leads south along the river to a scenic gorge and a hemlock forest eroded in 2007 to the point where it is no longer able to be used. In early summer when the water is higher, a pleasant afternoon may be had by putting in kayaks at the Dog River Natural Area and exiting at the Dog River Recreation Area in Montpelier.

Dog River Natural Area

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